Camogli sunset, Liguria

9 September 2016



Boats in Mousehole

1 August 2016


In the bleak midwinter …

cat in snow 2012 sm

 … a cat paused in the snow.

Merry Christmas and

a happy and peaceful New Year

from Bianca Marsden-Day

Pen & watercolour

© Bianca Marsden-Day 2015

Cat on fence

30 August 2015


Swedish owl

10 September 2011

Swedish owl

Swedish owl

Swedish owl in pen and watercolour by Bianca Marsden-Day. Prints available for sale.

Venice gondolas

9 September 2011

Venice gondolas

Venice gondolas on a misty day – pen and watercolour painting by Bianca Marsden-Day. Original available for sale.

Venice Rialto bridge

10 September 2010

Venice Rialto bridge

Venice Rialto bridge

View of the Rialto bridge in Venice in pen and watercolour by Bianca Marsden-Day. Original sold.